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Since its inception, Symmetry's chief enterprise has been the sourcing and distribution of high end audio products.

Through us, customers can obtain all the components required to assemble state of the art high end systems. We are committed to ensuring that every item we distribute is the absolute best within its category, an approach which leads us to source products from around the world.


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Brinkmann Audio Nyquist Mk II Streaming DAC review

The long running battle of analog versus digital is not showing any signs of stopping any time soon. Proponents of either side have been going at it for many years, but personally I don’t see why we cannot enjoy both without sacrificing the sound quality and the enjoyment of our beloved music regardless of the format.


Lambda the Next Level

Lyra have been designing and hand crafting moving coil cartridges for over 30 years. Constant evolution of the designs has ensured Lyra are the cartridges of choice for the connoisseur and lovers of analogue playback.


Taurus Ultimate Direct Drive Turntable

More than a decade ago, Brinkmann inaugurated the Direct Drive Renaissance with the introduction of Oasis.


Kiseki PurpleHeart NS Moving-Coil Phono Cartridge

Many years ago, when my original Kiseki PurpleHeart Saphhire moving-coil cartridge finally expired after several years of faithful service, a lot of the magic in my audio system disappeared.


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Trilogy 925 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Introducing the 925 Integrated Hybrid Amplifier, strength in depth that will satisfy the most demanding audiophiles. It takes the integrated concept a significant step forward to deliver an involving musical performance that is truly memorable.

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