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SRM-700T VacuumTube Energiser for Earspeakers


For decades Stax has designed and manufactured electrostatic energisers, to complement their fine range of electrostatic Earspeakers.

During this period, timeless designs like the SRM-T1, SRM-T1S, SRM-T2 and SRM-T8000 have established themselves as first class energisers. Driving Stax electrostatic Earspeakers to new levels of performance.

We are delighted to announce the new SRM-700T. This new energiser utilises the latest thinking from Stax engineers. The SRM-700T is a direct coupled pure Class A design.

A new custom made low-noise dual FET input stage has been developed from the ground up. The second stage of the circuit utilises a 6SN7 GT vacuum tube. This tube is the original version of the famous 6FQ7 which has been used in Stax energisers for decades. The 6SN7 is a powerful linear tube, ideal for driving the electrostatic diaphragms of the Stax Earspeakers. The output of the 6SN7 is connected directly to the electrostatic diaphragms via a pair of high quality non-inductive winding resistors from VISHAY. These resistors are of the highest quality.

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