Harmonic Resolution Systems

In a high performance audio system, one of the key elements in making a superb natural sound is to have a very low noise floor. Everything that happens to reproduce a musical performance is counting on this fact.

How much information is retrieved, amplified, and delivered into the room is in a significant way dependent on a very low noise level at every location in the audio system. Harmonic Resolution Systems ( HRS ) passion for enjoying the full magic of a musical performance has driven HRS to develop a wide range of products that will allow your system to reach its full potential.

HRS products and their complete system approach will preserve the information, timing, decay structure and spatial information of your favourite music in the manor originally created by the artist.


  • ADL Record weight
  • ADH Record weight
  • Nimbus coupler
  • Nimbus spacer
  • Nimbus assembly
  • Vortex system
  • DPII Damping Plates
  • DPX Damping Plates
  • E1 Isolation Base
  • R3X Isolation base
  • S3 Isolation base
  • M3X2 Isolation base
  • RXR Audio stand
  • SXR Audio stand
  • VXR Audio stand