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A Higher Level of Analogue Performance - RöNt III Tube Power Supply


Brinkmann is proud to announce RöNt III: the third generation of Tube Power Supply for all Brinkmann turntables. This product debuts Brinkmann’s proprietary “Rectifier Valve Simulator” to combine higher performance with lifetime reliability. Like all Brinkmann Audio products, the RöNt is an evolutionary design, refined over 25 years of continuous production. In keeping with this non-obsolescent philosophy, some of the new model’s advancements are retrofittable to earlier versions.

The original RöNt debuted in 1995, resulting from Helmut Brinkmann's experimentation with vacuum tubes at every point in the audio signal path. Helmut found that the vacuum in rectifier tubes isolates their plates from the cathodes and isolates the power line from the drive circuitry. This enables the RöNt to function as an application-specific power line purifier for Brinkmann turntables, improving their sound in terms of clarity, transparency and dimensionality.

In 2007, Brinkmann introduced their bespoke "Sinus" Direct Drive and Belt Drive motors, designed and manufactured in-house exclusively for use in Brinkmann Turntables. Sinus motors required more current than the Pabst units utilised in earlier Brinkmann' tables, which necessitated the development of RöNt II.

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